Monday, September 24, 2012

Gene Kalmes Media Professional


When considering who to hire for a job that demands a wide range of technical knowledge, attention to detail, creativity, the ability to meet demanding daily deadlines, to be prolific, creative and energetic in multi-tasking; it is recommended to hire someone whose portfolio is so vast and dynamic that doing the job will never be in doubt. These samples of my work should be worth a million words.


Music and Jingles performed and produced by Gene Kalmes, including video production and mastering for internet broadcast.

Waverunner and Mr. Philly written, performed and engineered in collaboration with Rob Herman. Big Mike's Subs in collaboration with Rock Erickson.


Part 1 of the Educational Video The CorteX Files commissioned by the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, in 2002, a video on brain development for teens. I wrote the script from a huge amount of technical data from the scientific curriculum.

My collaborator on this project Rob Hecimovich contributed this letter of reference which not only includes our time on this project but 20 years on many other diverse projects in media.

I have known and worked with Gene Kalmes for about 20 years, and his creative writing and journalistic skills are world class.  He manages to explain complex material in a very coherent manner, and he discerns the ramifications of a story few others catch.  He is deadline sensitive, and can weave in the kind of humor that makes people want to read his material, as evidenced by his blog numbers.  He is easy to work with and easy to get along with, and brings a positive attitude to job situations.

He has both assisted and lead in location shooting duties, and written many scripts over the years.  He can shoot, edit and promote productions, and provides voice or acting talent when appropriate.  He would make an excellent addition to any creative, writing environment, and has the journalistic integrity that is missing from most media outlets today. 

Rob Hecimovich

Contact Gene today to discuss your media needs...

Here I display extensive work bringing all projects to completion. I coordinated over 60 actors, costumes, horses, props, shooting locations, research, and every moment of this production. I hate to boast but this was no small task.


Here are concepts, copy, and cartoon graphics I produced for advertising which is an extra I can bring to any effort within media.


This is my script and voiceover. A Nice, direct and clean ad.


I have written professionally here and there through the years. This paper talked highly of my writing style. I also contributed to the Onion.



Documentary on Stand Up Comedy, produced in full by Gene Kalmes.


An original song and video for Madison entitled Christmas on the Isthmus.



Also see this link for the books I have written.

Over one hundred video ads I produced on this channel.


I also have taught movie making workshops to children in schools throughout Wisconsin. See here:

I also contributed headlines to the ONION.


This full length original documentary style film is a sample of script writing, cinematography, video editing, acting, directing, voiceover and sound, as well as mastering for internet broadcast.

In closing there is very little I can't accomplish in media and if I cannot do something I know how to delegate responsibility to someone better qualified and oversee the larger picture. This comes with 30 years of experience from Film and TV School at Chicago's Columbia College to working on Hollywood films to hundreds of professional jobs through production houses, Cable, Print and electronic media.

Hire me dammit, you won't be sorry. :)